Night Flight Update

Jet Stream Map from March 21

Over the past 5 days the predicted path has varied by as much as 15km/day. As of this hour, a 1200ft/min ascent, 90,000ft burst and a 1500ft/min descent puts our landing near I65 10 miles south of Crown Point. This may be due to the unprecedented jet stream configuration over the center of the country. It’s the reason why we’ve had such incredibly unseasonable weather. Since the NWS data used for our flight predictions is based on atmospheric models, what do they do when the conditions have no previous example?

Presently, we are still planning on arriving at the Aurora West County Forest Preserve at 6pm Sunday evening. Conditions can still change. Until we have the latest prediction on Sunday afternoon, there is no guarantee this will be the launch site. Having to row out into Lake Michigan for recovery is not a favorable option.

If you’re planning on joining us for the launch or any portion of the mission, please let me know as soon as possible so I can keep you updated just in case there are any last minute changes.

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  1. Dan Jakubik

    Wow! Never seen a jet stream that looked like this ever before!
    The unprecedented March heatwave ended today, indicating the jet stream should be returning to normal. Will wait for your updatess. Count me in for the launch.

    1. gezagyuk

      The worst (best?) of it is past, but the temperatures are still elevated. The typical high this time of year is just below 50F and tomorrow is supposed to reach close to 65F and Sunday close to 70F. So I suspect the weather is still a bit perturbed! We’ll see what effect it has on the flight path…

  2. Chas

    Aurora West County Forest Preserve is off of Hankes Road, east (?) of Route 56, south of where I-88 splits off. (I helped build that 10 years ago!)

    Whereabouts in the forest preserve, exactly?

    Of course, might not launch there….??

  3. kwalczak

    Chas sent me this link:
    Celestial PhotoOp
    Sounds like an opportunity to send Phil the most unique conjunction shot he’ll see this week.

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