Flight #103: 360 Video Captured of Far Horizons Balloon Burst

On May 7, 2017, Far Horizons filled their balloon payloads once again with student centered science! The Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at the University of Chicago joined Far Horizons with their students of Space Explorers.  These students played a key role in our balloon fill team and the launch of our HAB.  These explorers also sent Earthworm Astronauts into the sub zero, low pressure, highly irradiated stratosphere.

The flight was a swift southeastern jaunt, so we divided into teams to ensure we’d make it to the landing sight in time. 

Our Far Horizons Spring Teen Interns sent up their second working draft of a 360 camera (Kodak Pix Pro 360 4K) and rig.  They’re perfecting this design for the Far Horizons eclipse imaging set up for the August Total Solar Eclipse.  By connecting external power to these cameras, the students captured 360 video of the high altitude burst at 27,000 meters (89,000 feet) in full senso-round! Enjoy!

Btw, if you want to get the full VR effect, all you need is the YouTube app on your Smartphone & a virtual reality viewer (e.g., Google Cardboard or Insignia™ VR Viewer – you can find ’em for ~$5-$10).  Open the YouTube app, pull up the above video, tap the Google Cardboard icon on the screen, put your phone in the viewer, and gaze around in wonder & delight!

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