Interns Turn In Powerful Presentations

2016 ISGC Interns Ricky Tobey, Jocelyn Mondragon and Zach El Metennani at their poster presentation

It’s all about the power. This month our team of three undergraduates completed their four-month internship in a well-attended public poster session at the Space Visualization Lab. They explored heat and power management in a CubeSat modeled after the NITESat Mission design. This was the tenth year the Adler has hosted college interns thanks to funding by the Illinois Space Grant Consortium.

The experiments were a truly cooperative group effort. Each of their experiments supported and provided data for each other. Jocelyn Mondragon presented her project Simulation of Interior and External Heat Distribution for Small Satellites. The temperature monitoring array she designed provided heat distribution information for Ricky Tobey’s experiment Investigating the Potential of Liquid Gallium as a Method of Heat Transfer In Satellites. The power for Ricky’s project came from Zachary El Metennani experiment, Managing Variable Power Input of Solar Panels on a CubeSat.

After month’s of background research, experiment design and testing, the team completed a model 2U CubeSat housing all their work.  The big day was upon them. They launched their experiments into the stratosphere on February 4th. We’re still waiting for it to return…

No, it was not lost in space. Unfortunately their payload separated from the flight at some point. Perhaps when some farmer is getting out to the fields this spring we may get a call. Until then, we wait. Not to be daunted by the loss, the interns took their designs and lessons learned and created impressive presentations. Sometimes the best lessons come from the most challenging of situations.


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