Lab Updates and Pointless Imagery

Following a HAB (No white whales involved)

We’re working on a project to create an automated telescopic pointing system to follow and monitor our flights remotely. Our system aims to collect the GPS data throughout the flight and use that data to point a computer driven telescope to keep track of a flight live. Can it be done? Well, here’s an interesting video from Kansas of an observer using a ground based telescope to follow a NWS sounding balloon that shows that it’s possible.

Lab Updates

Thanks to everyone who voted for our gallery images telling the tale of Far Horizons. The gallery should be up by Saturday. Also, the new flashy tables are in and gracing the meeting area. We hope you enjoy the improvements and it all makes for a nice place to hang out and an improved work environment. For those of you familiar with the old lab, I don’t think you need to answer that question. Enough of the pretty-fication…

Another big thanks for everyone in the lab this past weekend. You all did a great job getting our Project Page rolling. If you need any help with formatting and organizing your project, just ask Cynthia or I and we’ll give you a quick tutorial. As you may have noticed, we have a new crop of high school volunteers. They’re eager to lend a hand to projects. The easiest way to help them get involved is to keep them informed of tasks you need done on the project page. If you’re a project lead and would like some help, let me us know what jobs you have for them and we can help find the right person for your project.

The next feature we’re going to have up – probably by this weekend – is linking each project to a discussion Forum. This way everyone on a project can keep in contact, discuss progress and share issues. Eventually, for the larger more involved projects, I’m hoping to set up rolling Google Hangouts for project meetings.

And in that vein, if there are any other suggestions for online tools or methods to keep your project moving forward please let us know.

Saturday Parking Notice

So, what’s new. Here’s the info I have:

Due to a College football game at Soldier Field at 7:30 PM, street parking is prohibited.  No lot access for employees all day.  Parking allowed in Gravel Lot south of Northerly Island Visitor Center.  Public Transportation or drop-offs are encouraged.  Make sure you display a yellow Campus Access Pass and have your monthly or daily parking pass ready. A special one-day pass is necessary to access the Gravel Lot, south of the Northerly Island Visitor Center.

Sorry, folks. If you need to drive in let me know and I’ll check into what I can do to make it easier for you.

Gratuitous Imagery

I feel bad there are no visuals for this blog post. So, here you go…

Woo Hoo!

Can we use one of these for our next launch?!











And just to let you all know, the Red Bull Stratos project is attempting to break the world record for a free-fall parachute jump. Their flight is set for Monday, October 8th. Check out the details here. Joe Kittinger’s record jump from 102,800 feet has stood for 52 years. I hope the Red Bull folk remembered to store up enough helium for the flight

Next Flight Announcement

Almost forgot to mention! Our next flight is scheduled for Saturday October 27th. There is a sign up sheet in the lab or you can drop me a line to let me know if you want to attend. If you want to join in on the flight the deadline to let me know is Saturday, October 20th. See you there!

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