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The first unfurling of our MARSdrop parachute

The first unfurling of our MARSdrop parachute

MARSdrop update

We received our MARSdrop kite! Thanks Matt and Aerospace Corp! We’re prepping for a May 17 flight to test the first draft of our controlled descent experiment. The students from Walter Payton College Prep are busy working on a system to test flight parameters observed while changing the configuration of the tethers during flight. We’re looking forward to running a range of tests throughout the summer with students, interns and volunteers all involved. We’re also thinking of throwing the challenge out to the participants of this weekend’s Science Hackday.

Science Hackday 2014

Which leads me to news item number two… Do you want to be involved in a 30 hour marathon of creativity and science? This bonanza of thinking, doing, making and creating is happening this weekend starting Saturday at 10am at the Adler. From the last experience we hosted in 2012, I could say from personal experience, it is an event not to be missed. For more info and to register, check out Science Hackday 2014. I hope to see you there.

Wabash River Valley from 89,000 feet

Wabash River Valley from 89,000 feet

Flight 67 In The News

The challenges and successes of Wednesday’s flight with 15 Air Force Academy High School students were documented in the Lafayette Journal Courier today. A Journal Courier reporter came out and reported on our difficult – but eventually triumphant – flight retrieval. It was definitely an adventure for everyone involved. You can read the article here.

CubeSat 2014

I’ll be in San Luis Obispo for the 14th annual CubeSat Developers Workshop from April 23-25th.

If you want to see the lineup of talks to be presented, here’s a link to a pdf of the conference schedule. I hope to not only learn a lot to move us along on our own CubeSat mission but want to encourage anyone involved in the development of our mission to relay questions to me. I can pose your questions to those who have the experience to give us the answers we can use.

Operation Airlift 2014

Operation Airlift 2014

Operation Airlift Success

Finally, I wanted to give a shout out to all the fine volunteers, teachers, staff and students who made this third year of Operation Airlift a soaring success! What started as a day of design challenges for Air Force Academy High School students a few years back has grown into a multi school-wide competition inspiring students from across the city to design and build airships flown on small high altitude balloons and achieving points for their efforts. This year’s edition involved 50 students from 5 schools and dozens of mentors, teachers, student volunteers and staff.

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