Reality Blows

The NWS recently updated the forecast to include 32mph gusts come launch time. Remember my previous mention of 15mph winds being our cutoff for a reliable launch condition? What does this mean? Well, we’re going through with this thrice scheduled launch and we’re just going to have to be real smart, real creative and real organized to get this mission off the ground. Though we’re trying out the long tether for the first time, I believe it’s going to be critical to a successful launch. We’ll take some extra safety precautions and I’m digging into the NWS manuals now to glean some advice. One way or another, we’re going to make this happen!

ps. There is also a 100% (not much doubt, there) chance of rain and a chance of thunderstorms! December thunderstorms… nature trying to tell us something?

On a positive note:

A new GoPro3 arrived in time for this flight! It’s an amazing bit of technology. It can shoot 4k video (4x the resolution than the GoPro2 cameras we’ve been flying!). We’ll be sending one of these bad boys up in a side by side test verses our GoPro2 cameras. If it makes it through the brutal winds, extreme temperatures, thunderstorm and such, (and we can recover it) we’ll have some of the most amazing images from near space to share.


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  1. arpan

    How’d it go?

    1. kwalczak

      Ah, I will answer that question soon!

      I’ll post some results later. Let me just say, nature is tough but we won most of the battle.