The Show Must Go On

Predicted path for this Saturday’s flight

I just wanted to update everyone on this Saturday’s flight. The long awaited FH Flight #55 is set to go despite less than optimal conditions. The predicted track is putting us about 80 miles ENE near Plymouth, IN. The sounding model shows that we should expect jet stream winds up to 118mph at an altitude of 30,000 feet. Temperature models say we’ll hit -61.5 degrees C. This should be a good test of the Lithium thionyl batteries, at least.

So much for the payload. What about us? Well, the forecast calls for a 90% chance of rain and temps in the mid to low 40s F. The ground winds should be in the 16mph range – just at our confident launch level. We’re trying out a new procedure for this launch involving a long tether between the balloon and parachute. We picked this up from the NWS visit. The tether should take up some of the force exerted on the balloon from winds.We hope this can make high wind launches more reliable.

For all you coming on the flight, see you at 8!

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  1. arpan

    That’s a nice long track. Good luck!

    1. kwalczak

      That’s funny… you’re signed up to go. Don’t forget your boots! (Or should I assume you will not be joining us?)