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Tomorrow’s Flight

Just a quick update on our 56th mission. Saturday morning we will be heading down to Kankakee, IL once again for a stratospheric adventure. If you’re not joining us in person feel free to “watch” the flight live by following the instructions on the right.

Prediction for the March 2, 2013 flight.

Prediction for the March 2, 2013 flight.

We have four mission objectives:

  1. Test the version 2 Ballast System in flight for ascent control
  2. Flight test the new autonomous Cut Down system and confirm its reliability with known atmospheric conditions
  3. Confirm data acquisition of the GPS unit throughout flight
  4. Capture 4k and HD video for posterity

Thankfully the track is quite short for a winter flight. We should be off the ground sometime before noon. And if we don’t land in a Hoosier bog, we should retrieve and return by 4pm local time.

If you’re not attending the flight and are still interested in coming to the lab, Cynthia will be in to accommodate.

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  1. Sue Miller

    Hi there! Just wondering if you are the ones who came to our house today?/March 21st, 2013, after one of these? And if so, did you find it? I’m sorry I was still asleep when you were here. Hope all is well. Please let us know? Thanks and best to you in your research. Susan Miller

    1. kwalczak

      If you live south of Lafayette, IN it probably was us. (Unless there were other folks launching experiments into the stratosphere on Thursday). Yes, we were able to locate our payload. Thanks for asking.

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