High Altitude Science and Balloon Basics

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[edit] High Altitude Science

National Weather Service Atmosphere Portal Tons of lessons and answers about our atmosphere

Red Bull Stratos Science Page Overview of Near Space conditions

View from 90,000 feet Video from a recent Far Horizons flight

[edit] High Altitude Balloon History

A Short History of High Altitude Balloon missions

Free jump from 102,000 feet Video of the highest ever human free fall and the man who did it

History of High Altitude Ballooning A bigger history of HAB exploration

[edit] Balloon-borne Science Missions

Vega 1 & 2 Venus missions Russian missions that floated high altitude balloons in the atmosphere of Venus

NASA Antarctic Balloon Mission A new super-pressure balloon concept

NASA Aerobot Mission NASA program to create balloon platforms for exploring other planets

NASA Scientific Balloon Missions A big list of examples of High Altitude Balloon missions

Red Bull Stratos Mission to break the 1960 record of highest free jump

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