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Far Horizons Project Page

Far Horizons Projects

References and Resources

HAB Resources

High Altitude Science and Balloon Basics

NSV Flight Path Predictions

HabHub Flight Path Predictions

National Weather Service HAB sounding program manual

SPARK Background

Details on the FH Rockoon Mission

SPARK Mission Plan

Rockoon References

WB8ELK Rockoon Launch Video

WB8ELK Rocket Ignition Video

CalPoly Rockoon Project

Cambridge University Spaceflight

Farside project 1957 with video!

More on the Farside project

Thanks to Jason Unwin of NAR Section #632 and Bob Kaplow of NIRA for the Farside references

Rocket References

Rocket Aerodynamics and Airframe Design:

Rocket Aerodynamics and Stability

Fin Design and Weighting

Digital DATCOM for Calculating Aerodynamic Data

6DOF Simulation for Determining Stability

YouTube Video of a Spin Stabilized Amateur Rocket

Rocket Resources:

Cesaroni Technology Rocket Motors

Amateur Rocketry Records, Achievements and Competitions

Thunder Power RC Battery Supplier

Battery Junction Battery Supplier

Perfect Flite Flight Computers

Gyroscopically Stabilized Rocket

Nose cone drag calculation

Amateur Rocket Missions and Records

Amateur Rocketry Records

GoFast Mission Press Release

GoFast Mission Page

General Amusement

Homemade Rockets and Engines

CubeSat References

CubeSat Missions

Tokyo Institute of Technology Cute 1.7 Mission Well documented resource for a CubeSat mission

Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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